Class of 2016 Eagle Recognition Dinner


Jan 9, 2017 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm



Harts Hill Inn
135 Clinton St
Whitesboro, NY 13492


The first annual Leatherstocking Eagle Dinner will be on January 9th, 2017. The event will take place at Harts Hill Inn in Whitesboro, NY. Before the dinner there will be  time for those attending to visit and for a photo of the eagle class of 2016 to be taken.  A master of ceremonies normally an Eagle Scout form the Class of 2016, will start the dinner. The dinner normally includes a few speakers talking about how Scouting has helped them. Then duringthe meal each Eagle is recognized for his accomplishments and given a small token of congratulations. Please attend with your eagle scout.

There is no cost for the Class of 2016 Eagle Scouts; all we ask is they register that they are attending with their family and unit leaders. For those attending as family and friends the cost is $20.

Each year a program is put together which list all the current year eagles, speakers and guest. The program also has a section where Families and friends are able to put in a congratulatory ad; these ads will become available to purchase in late November.

We hope to see all our Eagle Scouts at Hart Hill Inn on Jan 9th. 

Harts Hill Inn is located at 135 Clinton St, Whitesboro, NY 13492

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