ADK Gold Nugget Derby

Gold Nuggets:

Each Cub will be given a small scoop of “gold nuggets” after each station. Within the bucket is a large stone with one word of the Scout Law on it. The Cubs who receive the larger stones receive a prize.


Event Cost:

$15 per Scout/Sibling 

Adults- to be announced


Schedule of Events:

9:30 AM            Check-In & Bag Making

10:15 AM         Activities Begin 

12:30 PM          Lunch Served

1:30 PM            Dog Sled  Demonstration

2:00 PM            Activities Resume

4:00 PM Departure


Activity Stations:

1. Obstacle Course –  Ninja Slackers Line Fun!

2. Tennis Ball Sling Shot – Newton’s 3rd Law!

3. Dress a Snowman – Learn about proper layering to stay warm in the winter!

4. Ice Safety – Learn about the “do’s” and  “do not’s” of ice in the winter!

5. Tree Identification and Winter Fire building 

6. Sledding with helmets – Fun, but bring your helmet!

7. Maple Syrup on Snow Demonstration – Learn the properties of sugar when heated in this sweet demonstration!

8. Exploding Snowmen – Learn about endothermic reactions in this acid/base explosive good time! 



  • Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup  & Crackers
  • Chili & Corn Bread
  • Hot Dog on Bun
  • Water
  • Bug Juice
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate

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