Bass Pro Shops – Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes

Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes

Attention all Boy Scouts! 
Interested in signing up for our fishing and rifle shooting merit badges during our Boy Scout Month at the Utica Bass Pro Shops? Our registration list is now open and you can sign up today by calling our store at (315) 266-4902 and ask for Samantha Brunet-David.  Class size is limited, so sign up now before classes fill up! Classes are FREE. 


Rifle Merit Badge Schedule

It is necessary to attend all 4 classes to be able to meet the merit badge requirements for this Course.

  • Wednesday September 5th 6-8pm
  • Tuesday September 11th 6-8pm
  • Thursday September 20th 6-8pm
  • Wednesday September 26th 6-8pm


Fishing Merit Badge

We will offer 2 sessions for this class. Please note the prerequisite required to complete this badge.

  • Session 1
    • Tuesday September 4th 6-8pm
    • Thursday September 13th 6-8pm
  • Session 2
    • Wednesday September 19th 6-8pm
    • Tuesday September 25th 6-8pm


Requirement 9. Catch at least one fish. If regulations and health concerns permit, clean and cook a fish you have caught. Otherwise, acquire a fish and cook it.

**Scout can take a photo of the fish when caught and when cooked, or bring a letter from his scout leader or parent stating that he has caught and cooked a fish.

Fish and Wildlife Management

We will offer 2 sessions for this class. Please note the prerequisites required to complete this badge

Session 1

  • Thursday September 6th 6-8pm
  • Wednesday September 12th 6-8pm

Session 2

  • Tuesday September 18th 6-8pm
  • Thursday September 27th 6-8pm


Requirement 5. Do ONE of the following:

a. Construct, erect, and regularly check at least two artificial nest boxes (wood duck, bluebird, squirrel, etc.) and keep written records for one nesting season.

b. Construct, erect, and regularly check bird feeders, and keep written records of the kinds of birds visiting the feeders in the winter.

c. Design and implement a backyard wildlife habitat improvement project and report the results. For example- a birdbath, or birdfeeder

d. Design and construct a wildlife blind near a game tail, water hole, salt lick, bird feeder, or birdbath, and take good photographs or make sketches from the blind of any combination of 10 wild birds, mammals, reptiles, or amphibians.

**Scout can take a photo of their constructed project or bring a letter from parent or scout leader stating scout has completed habitat project. Scout can bring their written records or write a paragraph detailing their observations and discuss what he saw with the counselor.

Requirement 8. Using resources found at the library and in periodicals, books, and the Internet (with your parent's permission), learn about three different kinds of work done by fish and wildlife managers. Find out the education and training requirements for each position.

**Scout can write a paragraph about what they’ve learned and discuss their findings with the counselor.