First Aid Meet

The 2018 First Aid Meet will take place at the G. Hal Chase Physical Education Building at SUNY Oneonta on March 2, 2018 starting at 7:00pm. This year’s First Aid Meet will follow the format of last year’s First Aid Challenge so this should be very familiar to those who have attended in the past. 

Troops taking part in the contest MUST provide one (1) judge per team entered. The judge must register with the team or the team will not be allowed on the floor! There will be a judge’s meeting at 6:15pm to review the scenarios and the score sheets. If the judges are on time, we can start the meet on time. Judges do not need to be Squad members or EMT’s. The scenarios will be judged using BSA First Aid Criteria. The only acceptable stretcher per BSA can be found on the next page. Any other stretcher will be judged as incorrect. 

An additional point regarding scoring needs to be mentioned; over the last few years, there have been only a handful of points separating the top 10 teams. Due to that, we will be making each subsequent first aid problem worth more than the previous by instituting a weighted scoring system.

Cost and Fees:

Registration Fee $7:00

At the door / Late Registration Fee $10 wil apply on 2/24/18

There will be a registration fee of $7.00 per boy to cover the cost of patches and other expenses. Payment will be due with online registration or by check sent to the Oneonta Council office, 3134 State Highway 23, Oneonta, NY 13820 before 02/23/2018. A troop check is preferable but a personal check will be accepted.  The unit can also pay by charging to their troop account if there are sufficient funds available. At the end of the meet, extra patches will be available for a cost of $2 each. Registration fees will increase on   02/24/2018 to $10.

Pre-registration is required! If you do not pre-register, you may not have a spot at the event. Also, to get through registration quicker at the event, bring a completed Team Roster form the night of the event for each participating team. If you have an odd number of boys that would like to attend, please let us know that as well and we can form ‘provisional teams’ the night of the First Aid Meet.

Please use the online registration that is available on the council web site to register for this event.

Also, please have each scout bring a pen or pencil to the event.

First Aid Meet Leaders Guide 2018-  Coming Soon

Please use the online registration below to register for the event. 

Position Name Telephone
Senior District Executive Peter D Miller (607) 432-6491 x205 Email