First Aid Meet

The 2023 Leatherstocking Council First Aid Meet: Has been rescheduled!!! 

This amazing event will take place at the G. Hal Chase Physical Education Building at SUNY Oneonta, on March 17, 2023, starting at 7:00 pm. Judges need to attend a meeting at 6:15 p.m. This year’s First Aid Meet will follow the format of the previous year’s First Aid Meets so this should be very familiar to those who have attended in the past. This event is open to any unit in the council.


Troops taking part in the contest MUST provide one (1) judge per team entered. Judges' names must be submitted with the team's registration. (There is no charge for the judge.) Judges should check in at the registration table before the Judges' meeting at 6:15 p.m. Judges must be on time so we can start the meet on time. The Judges' Meeting at 6:15 p.m. is to review the scenarios and the score sheets. Teams will not be allowed on the floor if their judge has not checked in! Judges do not need to be Squad members or EMTs. The scenarios will be judged using BSA First Aid Criteria. The only acceptable stretcher per BSA can be found on the next page. Any other stretcher will be judged as incorrect.


There will be a registration fee of $10.00 per Scout to cover the cost of patches and other expenses. Payment will be due with online registration or by check sent to the Utica Council Office, 1401 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501. A troop check is preferable but a personal check will be accepted. Checks sent to the Council Office should be postmarked no later than 3/10/2023. Pre-registration ends 3/10/2023. Registration at the door is $12 per Scout. Checks (no cash) will be accepted at the door. At the end of the meet, extra patches will be available for a cost of $2 each, cash or check only.


Pre-registration is strongly encouraged! We have room for 40 teams so come join us. If you do not pre-register, however, you may not have a spot at the event. Also, to get through registration quicker at the event, bring a completed Team Roster Form(s) the night of the event for each participating team AND a BSA Pre-Event Medical Screen Checklist form for EACH attendee/guest.  If you have an odd number of Scouts that would like to attend (either less than 5 or more than 5), please let us know that as well and we can form ‘provisional teams’ the night of the First Aid Meet. Less than 5 Scouts – come anyway!! Hint – you can use Webelos as victims to fill out a team!


Please register your adult judge(s) along with your Scouts. We'll need one judge for every team or partial team. There will be no charge for judges.


We welcome and encourage adults to volunteer as 'Provisional Judges'! Also, if a unit has any extra of the items listed from the 'Acceptable Equipment' list, we are asking that they be brought to the meet in case they might be needed for the formation of a provisional team. These items can be left in the vehicles and can be mentioned to the registration workers. If they end up being needed, we will call for them at that time. These items will be returned at the end of the meet. Thank you in advance!!


Please use the online registration that is available on the council website to register for this event. Any questions can be sent to Dave Leidy at or Chuck Whitman at




  • First Aid Meet 2023
    March 17, 2023

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