Henderson Escape Camp

The Henderson Escape weekends are weekends designed to provide an experience similar to summer camp, but within a shorter time frame that results in a lower cost to Scouts than an ordinary summer camp program. Scouts will be able to choose their own Escape Program that focuses on a specific area of camp where they will earn that program area's related Merit Badges. This will allow Scouts to dedicate a whole weekend focusing on their most favorite areas of Henderson Scout Reservation. You may refer to the Henderson Escape Camp Guidebook for more details on the weekend offerings. ITS TIME TO ESCAPE!

Escape Camp programs

  • Shooting Sports Escape

    • Rifle Meri Badge
    • Shotgun Meri Badge
    • Archery Meri Badge
  • Aquatics Escape

    • Swimming Meri Badge
    • Lifesaving Meri Badge
    • Choice of one Boating Meri Badge
  • Ecology Escape

    • Environmantal Science Meri Badge
    • Mammal Study Meri Badge
    • Nature Meri Badge
  • First Responder Escape

    • First Aid Meri Badge
    • Safety Meri Badge
    • Fire Safety Meri Badge
  • Angler Escape

    • Fishing Meri Badge
    • Fly Fishing Meri Badge
    • Fish and Wildlife Management Meri Badge
  • Wilderness Survival Escape

    • Wilderness Survival Meri Badge
      • Survival knots
      • Improvised shelters 
      • Water purification 
      • Navigation
      • and more
  • Scout Skills Escape

    • Basic knots
    • Orienteering 
    • Cooking
    • Basic first aid
    • EDGE
    • and more.

Henderson Escape Camp weekend offerings




Shooting Sports X X
Aquatics X X
Ecology X X
First Responder   X
Angler X  
Wilderness Survival X X
Scout Skills X X


2021 Henderson Escape Camp Prices

Scout (youth)- $199

Venture Scout- $199

Leader- $35

Volunteer Leader- $0 (See Volunteer Application below)

2021 Campership Application

File Name Description
Camp Henderson Escape Guidebook Download
Camp Henderson Escape Promotional PowerPoint Download