Scouting at Home for Scouts and Leaders

With schools closed for an extended period of time, Scouts and families will be looking for educational and fun activities. This is a great opportunity to review the Scouting program and work on advancement and various badges. Please remember, any electronic communication involving a youth member must adhere to the BSA's Youth Protection Policies

Please email Peter Steiner, if you have any Scouting at-home activities that we can share here on this page:


Check out Scoutshare 

National BSA Resources on Scouting at home

  • Scoutingwire TV
  • Cub Scout Activities
  • Scout BSA Activities
  • Venturing Activities 

How do you do Scouting remotely?  If you need help setting up an online meeting system for your unit feel free to contact your local District Executive they will be happy to help.

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Boy Scouts of America Capitol Area Council – Activities At Home

Break Time Activity Ideas

Questions & Answers for Cub Scouts/Scouts BSA/Venturing/Sea Scouts Advancement during the Coronavirus

Cub Scouts - Grades K-5


NEW - 5 Cub Scout Activities for Your Weekend


New - 5 Fun and Active Den Meeting Games Ideas ( Also good for families)


Simon Kenton Council Resources for Advancement 

Activity Instruction:

NOVA Awards to do at home

Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure

Families can utilize these age-appropriate 30-day challenges

"Fun projects for Scouts you can do from home" 

"Acts of Scouting service you can do from home" 

Outdoor Code & Leave No Trace Activity

The Importance of Handwashing - A Scout is Clean!

"Motor Away" 

"Games Tigers Play"

"Getting Knots Squared Away"

Earn the Cyber Chip - Make sure to report in Scoutbook and to your unit leader.


Do you need a little something extra for your next walk in the woods? Do you have a Lion preparing to graduate up or a new Scout who would like to earn their Bobcat? We have everybody covered. Each Scavenger Hunt also includes the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids in the footer, just as a reminder that we shouldn’t take home any of the fun things we find.




Scouts BSA - Grades 6 - 12


National Scouting at Home Site 

"New" Scouts BSA 31-Day Challenge

30 Day Scouts BSA Challenge

Scout Rank 30 Day Challenge

Tenderfoot 30 Day Challenge

Second Class 30 Day Challenge

First Class 30 Day Challenge

Earn the Cyber Chip - Make sure to report in Scoutbook and to your unit leader.

Merit Badges / Study for Rank Advancement.
Contact Unit leader and merit badge counselor to get approval to work on an Merit Badge.
For a list of merit badges that can be completed without leaving the house - Click Here



The Boy Scouts of America has an assortment of courses on Scouting. These include the always updating position training courses that will help you understand and provide Scouting to our Youth. Please visit the BSA Members Learn Center on Once you are log in to you can click the "Menu" button on the left side of the page. Then select "My Training" and Requirements. For example, a Committee member will see if She or He has completed all courses for that position. If you are looking to take more courses select the Training Center tab and you will have full access to more BSA Courses. 



Youth Educational Resources and Activities 


Let the Great American Road Trip Begin! Learn about the US National Parks. ( Recommended by Christie, Kayla, and GG )

ScoutShare - Virtual Field Trips

Who doesn't love a field trip?  Going to a zoo, a historic place, a science museum... the types of adventures that a field trip provides are many. 

Khan Academy
Especially good for Math and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it’s mostly common materials.
Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).
Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University but everyone can access it. Adult level, but some e.g. nature and environment courses could well be of interest to young people.
Learn computer programming skills – fun and free.
Creative computer programming
All sorts of engaging educational videos
Activities and quizzes for younger kids
Learn languages for free
Free science lessons
Wide range of cool educational videos
You Tube videos on many subjects
As above for a younger audience
Science awards you can complete from home
All kinds of making
Good for elementary school ages
Aimed at Secondary age, multi disciplinary activities
Geography gaming!
Good, free art activities linked to from this Facebook page
Easy arts and crafts for little ones
Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest
Educational online games