Henderson Information for Leaders

A Leader’s Guide to Henderson Scout Reservation

Henderson Scout Reservation is the perfect place to take your troop. At Henderson you will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a wide array of program offerings, great food, and tons of opportunities for youth and adults alike. Additionally, Henderson’s location near the historic village of Cooperstown presents a great opportunity to extend your unit’s summer camp experience by coming a day early or leaving a day later and visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame or Howe Caverns!


Preparing for Camp

The Henderson team has prepared several resources to help you and your unit get ready for summer camp.  Here are some things to be aware of:

  • Looking to introduce Henderson to your Scouts and Parents?  Use our current video available at the Henderson Summer Resident Camp homepage to get them excited.
  • In February, the Leatherstocking Council hosts its annual Camping Kickoff for units interested in coming to summer camp.  At the kickoff we will go over essential information, upcoming changes, and we will reveal our annual theme!
  • On February 15, all units Scouts that are registered with a $50 deposit will be able to sign up for merit badges through their Tentaroo account.  If you have trouble with this, contact our Utica office at (315) 735-4437.
  • Our Leader’s Guide contains vital information and policies regarding your stay and Henderson Scout Reservation.  We will pass out hard copies at our Camping Kickoff, or you can download your own copy at our forms page.

At Camp

  • Camp check-in will begin at 1:00pm on Sunday the week that you are attending. A camp guide will help you find your site and will take you through our check-in process. Scouts and leaders should be prepared to have their annual medical forms reviewed and take a swim test. A unit leader will also meet with our Program Director to review and confirm your Scouts’ program selections.
  • During check-in we will also have a unit leader meet with the Camp Director for a billing conference to double-check your camp fees and review any credits or outstanding charges.
  • A leader’s meeting will occur on Sunday night where you will meet key staff members, review any changes to the program, and go over any other details necessary to have a great week.

Before You Leave

  • Your Scouts’ blue cards will be available on Friday night during our family BBQ. Check them over and confirm that they are all there before you leave.  It’s always easier to sort this out while everyone is still at camp.
  • At check-out, your unit will be able to place a deposit to reserve its spot and campsite for next year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to guarantee your unit a great camping experience at Henderson in 2020!


Leader Opportunities at Henderson

Summer camp isn’t just for the Scouts. Leaders have opportunities to learn and have fun at Henderson too!  Use of equipment such as boats and fishing gear can be coordinated through the adult staff member in charge of our areas.  There will also be times set aside for leaders to participate in activities such as mountain biking, climbing, rifle and shotgun shooting, archery, and more!  A list of available training opportunities can be found in our Leader’s Guide.


Staying Connected at Camp

While camp can be a great way to get away from technology and civilization, we know that sometimes our jobs require us to stay connected.  Free wireless internet is available for all adults who require it.  We also have a cell phone tower on property making it easy and convenient to make calls at camp, too.  If, for some reason, you need to make a call and are otherwise unable, please contact that Camp Director to make arrangements.


Leader Qualifications

The New York State Department of Health requires that Henderson maintains records at camp of the qualifications of each leader. Each troop must have at least two adult leaders at camp at all times, one of whom must be 21 or older. Female units must have at least one female leader, age 21 or older. Every adult camp leader must be a currently registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, and have:

  • Experience in camping and supervision of children, or have completed acceptable training (“Here’s How”, “New Leader Orientation”, etc.).
  • Complete Youth Protection Training for either Boy Scouting or Venturing.
  • Positive background and character – verified through the BSA registration application process, including references, along with the “Adult Camp Leader Registration Form” (available for download on the Resources page). The State of New York also requires all resident camps to verify that no adult in camp appears on the State's sex offender registry.

If your unit would like to use its week to explore the local area you are welcome to do so.  Please be aware that any group of campers leaving Henderson for activities such as overnight camping must be accompanied by a qualified trip leader and enough other leaders to make a ratio of one leader for every eight campers (minimum: two adults). To qualify for out-of-camp activities, the unit must ensure that:

  • At least one adult leader is currently certified in American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies first aid or holds equivalent certification.
  • At least one adult leader has current American Red Cross or equivalent CPR certification.
  • Each adult leader is approved by the Chartered Organization and the Camp Director.
  • At least one adult leader is competent in the activity the unit is undertaking, and knowledgeable of the destination/area.
  • The unit has filed an appropriate “Unit Day Trip” form.
  • Transport vehicles are equipped with flares, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit.
  • Each driver is properly licensed. Each vehicle is registered, inspected, and properly insured.
  • If boating or swimming activities are planned, at least one adult leader must possess current Lifeguard (BSA, YMCA, or Red Cross) and CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification. BSA Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense guidelines must be followed.


Supervising Scouts at Henderson

All adult leaders must understand and follow these policies:

  • The Scout Oath and Law are the code of conduct at camp.
  • Leaders should see that camp is quiet from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am to allow all Scouts adequate rest.
  • All units are encouraged to wear Scout uniforms to and from camp, during chapel services, for flag ceremonies, and at camp-wide campfires on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.
  • BSA Youth Protection guidelines must be followed at all times. These include having two-deep leadership, avoiding situations where leaders are one-on-one with Scouts, and maintaining privacy of Scouts and Scouters.
  • Corporal punishment is absolutely forbidden.
  • Inappropriate physical contact with Scouts is absolutely forbidden.
  • Hazing is absolutely forbidden.
  • Let’s make camp a fun and safe place for all Scouts and leaders!



October 1:   $100.00 non-refundable campsite deposit is due.  This fee guarantees your unit a campsite; sites may be re-assigned based on attendance or lack of adherence to payment schedule. Payments will be applied to your final bill.

February 15:  $50.00 per camper, non-refundable but transferable deposit payment is due.

April 15th: Campership applications due to Office. Campership will be applied to online bills.

May 1:  Base registration period ends; final payments are due; all fees after this date increase by $50.00.