Henderson Information for Parents

Parents:  Your Scout is going to summer camp.  Now What?

Going to summer camp is a unique and unforgettable experience for every youth.  At Boy Scout camp you not only have fun in the outdoors, you also get to meet other Scouts and participate in a program that focuses on building strong character and ethical decision making.

Preparing your Scouts for summer camp can be crucial to his success.  Below we’ve included some suggestions to help you prepare him to have the time of his life.


Before Camp

  • Work with your Scout and his leaders to come up with a list of things that he can do at summer camp.  Remember, summer camp isn’t all about merit badges!  Scouts have the opportunity to learn how to swim, boat, shoot, go hiking, fish, and so much more.  Having a plan will help make sure that your son gets things done and stays busy throughout the week. 
  • Review the "Parent Checklist" in our Leader’s Guide for a list of items that your Scout will want to have at camp.
  • Participate in unit fundraisers and the Leatherstocking Council’s campership program to help defray the cost of attending summer camp.
  • Set a budget.  At camp we do have a Trading Post with memorabilia, food, and other items that your Scout may want.  Before camp, set a budget with your Scout and talk about how to spend his money wisely.


During Camp

  • Send a letter!  We deliver mail to Scouts during meal times every day.  Getting a letter or package from home can be a highlight in any Scout’s day.
  • Attend the family BBQ and closing campfire.  If you’re able to make it to camp on Friday, we’d love to show you what your Scout has accomplished and provide a little entertainment too!
  • Be encouraging. If this is your Scout’s first week away from home, it can be a stressful time. Sometimes, Scouts will call home with homesickness. If your Scout calls home, be encouraging, remind him of what you have planned, and remind them that he will be home soon and that you love them.


After Camp

  • Recap. Talk to your Scout about his experience at camp.  What went well?  What would he do differently?  When he goes back next year, what things would he like to do?  Summer camp is a great adventure and it’s never too early to begin planning the next one.


Mail at Camp Henderson

Every day at meal time, the staff will pass out any letters or packages received for Scouts.  Our mailing address is:

Scout’s Name, Troop Number

Henderson Scout Reservation

525 Boy Scout Road

Maryland, NY 12116

Phone Numbers:     607-638-9050   FAX: 315-392-3263    

It’s best to send packages early in the week (Monday usually works best).  For units that are coming from out-of-state you might even want to mail your package before your son leaves so it will arrive during his week of camp.


Paying for Camp

At Henderson, all payments are processed through your son’s troop.  Each troop will have its own system of keeping track of payments and due dates.  Please do not send any payments directly to the Scout Office or Camp Office.  We will only accept payments from authorized unit representatives.



If your Scout is part of the Leatherstocking Council, he may qualify for financial assistance to help pay for camp.  The annual Campership application is available in the forms section of our website, as well as through the local Scout office. 

Medical Forms:

All Scouts MUST complete parts A, B, and C of the official BSA Medical Form found online at: http://www.Scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/whole.pdf.  Part C must be filled out by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant no more than 1 year prior to the end of the camping week. Part A and Part B require parent’s signatures. Please bring copies to camp, keep the originals at home or with your troop.

Visitors:  Are welcome any time, however, late Friday afternoon is set aside especially for visitors and friends. There is a family BBQ and closing campfire for all in attendance.

Meal Prices:  Breakfast (8:00am)– $5.00;  Lunch (12:30pm) –$6.00;  Dinner (6:00pm)– $8.00

Bar-B-Que:   Begins at 6:00pm on Friday. Reservations are requested.
Adults: $8.00; Children 12 and under: $5.00; Children under five are free.

Gear List:

Scout Equipment: Shirts/Sweaters T-Shirts
Pocketknife Rain / Light Jacket Scout Uniform 
Personal First Aid Kit Toothbrush/Toothpaste Long pants
Rain Gear Deodorant  Socks        
Canteen/Water Bottle Soap, Shampoo Shorts
Flashlight Towel Underwear
Whistle Pad and Pencil  Shower Sandals
Sun Screen Scout Handbook Beach Towel
Insect Repellent Sleeping Bag Swim Trunks
Compass Backpack or trunk  
10 ft of rope Plastic Bags Sneakers
combination sunscreen/insect repellant Comb Hiking Shoes 

 Spending Money: Our Trading Post that carries Scout Stuff (including Camp T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets) as well as snacks, beverages, handicraft items, and souvenirs.                

Optional Items:    Watch            Fishing Pole & Gear        Binoculars
                          Sun Glasses        Prayer Book/Bible        Camera  
                          Musical Instrument    Spending Money            Sewing Kit