James E. West Fellowship Award

The James E. West Fellowship Award is a National Endowment recognition for individuals or organizations who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to the Leatherstocking Council Endowment Fund. This contribution is in addition to, and does not diminish or replace, the donor’s annual gift to the Council’s Friends of Scouting Campaign.

A James E. West Fellowship Award may be given by a group of Scouters or individual Scouter to honor a fellow Scouter, as a memorial on the death of a Scouter, or to recognize an achievement.

The award is named after the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America who exemplified Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that “an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.” Scouting today is the “lengthened shadow” of more than three decades of the far-seeing and dedicated leadership of Dr. James E. West.

Those who are recognized by the James E. West Fellowship Award will cast their own “lengthened shadow” as they help ensure the Scouting legacy for future generations of young people and create the financial stability of the program in the twenty-first century for the Leatherstocking Council.


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Donors of the James E. West Fellowship List of people that have kindly donated to the James E. West Fellowship to keep local Scouting alive and well. Download