Council Stores

Scouting Uniforms:

Want to know what you need for your new scout visit the Official  Boys Scout Of America Uniform Website


Both stores carrry all your rank advancement needs. Please make sure to bring your advancement report with you to hand in when pickiing up advancements. Packs do not need the internet advancement report at time of pickup for belt loops and pins, but will need it for Ranks. The belt loops and pins do need to be submited on the internet advancmenet system with in a few weeks of being earned. Copies need to be brought in to the scout office as well. 


Scout stores are great place to pick up scouting gifts for you scout or scouter. We have camping gear, scouting Patches, and Much more.  


Oneonta Trading Post

6134 State Highway 23 Oneonta, NY 13820

Store Hours -- Wed 10-5, Friday 9-7, and Saturday 10-2.

Utica Trading Post 

1401 Genesee St Utica, NY 13501

Store Hours --  Wed 10-7, Friday 9-5, and Saturday 10-2.


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