New to Cub Scouting

Welcome to the Scouting Family!

Now that you have started your Scouting journey, we want to help you make the most of it. Below are ways to help you get the information you need and how you can fully enjoy all that Scouting has to offer.

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Cub Scout 411

These 3 steps are key to make sure you experience the great things Scouting has to offer.


Earn Your Bobcat Badge

Every Cub Scout starts their Scouting trail by earning the Bobcat badge. Whether you start in 1st grade or 5th grade, everyone starts here. Chances are you are already on your way to Bobcat.



Go to an Outdoor Adventure

This is where you can get all of those great experiences Cub Scouts has to offer like camping, fishing, archery, bb guns, swimming, and so much more! At each of these adventures, you can come out for the day on Saturday or camp all weekend. You can sign up with your pack or as a family and attend on your own.

Leatherstocking Events include:

- Fall Family Camp

- Goodnugget Derby

- Spring Family Camp

- Resident Camp

- Day Camp



Attend Your Weekly Den Meetings!

Your weekly den meetings are a great time for your new Cub Scout to have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills. And don’t forget about the monthly Pack meeting where the boys will have even more fun and be presented with awards they have earned in their den meetings.


What About Uniforms and Books?

Looking to find those handbooks and Uniforms for your new Cub Scout? You can find all of the Scouting gear you need at the Utica and Oneonta Scout Shops. To find out more about store locations, hours, and contact information, CLICK HERE.