Powderhorn District Fall Camporee

Baden's Basics

The idea of the camporee is to provide an opportunity for Scouts to practice good hiking and backpacking.  It will be up to each troop whether they wish to have their Scouts backpack their equipment with them or to have the boys simply hike and meet their equipment vehicle at the camping area.

Patrols will hike along the many trails and connecting pathways of the Great Swamp Conservancy.  The distance will be approximately 3.5 miles.  Units who wish to use this hike as a 10 miler for the Hiking Merit badge should make arrangements to extend their hike. There are plenty of other trails throughout the Conservancy besides the ones we will be using.  Those opting to add at the beginning of our hike should time their hiking so that they arrive at the event starting point at their appointed time.

Patrols will be given their itinerary of stations (and the order in which to complete them) upon check-in. On Saturday morning, all patrols are to report to their first station at the specified time and begin their rotation through the activities on the trails.

Along the trail, patrols will take part in activities on basic Scout skills and such. A final activity on campfires will take place in the campsites.

Scouts should bring all of the water with them that they will need on the hike. There are no safe water sources along the way. Patrols should stop at noon wherever they happen to be and have their lunch. It will be a twenty-minute lunch break.

Patrols should have at least the following with them:

  • Medical Forms (Part A & B) for each member
  • At least one compass per patrol
  • One first aid kit
  • A personal first aid kit per Scout
  • A patrol flag
  • Bug Spray – for everyone!
  • Trail lunch
  • Enough water to last a five-mile hike
  • One six or eight-foot length of rope per scout
  • A small notebook and pen/pencil


Before Coming

Scoutmasters should cover Tenderfoot requirement #1a before coming to the hike:

Present yourself to your leader, properly dressed, before going on an overnight camping trip. Show the camping gear you will use.  Show the right way to pack and carry it.

Don't forget about Blizzard Camp, coming January 2017!

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