Program Kick-Off


Jun 12, 2018


Location - TBD


Come join at one of the council's program kick-off nights on June 12th or June 14th!

This could very well be the most important meeting your unit could attend all year! Come and learn how to best deliver the promise of a great Scouting program to our units. Great information and hand-outs will deliver all the information you need for a great 2018-2019 Scouting year.

Information about:

  • Fall Membership
  • Upcoming Activities and Events
  • Fall Popcorn Sale
  • Journey to Excellence
  • Communication
  • Training


We will be hosting 2 Program Kick-off Nights. The the first night will be on June 12th,  and will be held in the ADK or Powderhorn District. The second night will be on June 14th, and will be in  Foothill or Deerslayer District.

 Unit leaders, parents, and scouters  will be given a limited edition 2018-2019 Leatherstocking Calendar and many other resources.