Council Spring Camporee

Thanks to the support of our friends at The Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation, We are very excited to announce our theme for the 2018 Spring Camporee. STEM! We have many partners who will be help us provide a program revolving around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The Council Spring Camporee aims to give the Scouts a sampling of various STEM skills and ideas. Some events will match requirements needed for the STEM award program in Scouting. Others will give the Scouts a taste of some of the interesting things that they can do in the STEM career fields, and other events are pure fun.

Saturday events will include interactive programs in 4 venues, each focusing on one of the branches of STEM.  Units will be assigned a starting venue and will travel to the next venue at the appointed time. Each Venue will take about 90 Minutes will have 6-7 events. After the round robin, venues will close and there will be activities & tours of several facilities at the business. This will help to keep an even ratio of scouts to activities, giving scouts a full day of activities.

Scouts may bring their own model rockets to launch from the rocket pad. Scouts should also bring a 2-liter bottle rockets which they will launch using compressed air. The 2-liter design can be found at

To learn more about the camporee including a schedual and list of activities please download and read the 2018 Council Spring Camporee Guide.


2018 Council Spring Camporee Guide