Council Spring Camporee

We are very excited to annoucne our theme for the 2018 Sping Camporee. STEM! We have many partners who will be help us provide a program revolving around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

There are awards and achievements available for Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures in the STEM program, and the camporee aims to give you a sampling of various STEM skills and ideas. Some events will match requirements needed for the STEM award program in Scouting. Others will give the scout a taste of some of the interesting things that they can do in the STEM program. And other events are pure fun.

There will be a lot of events and stations to see and do. We’ve broken it down into 4 main areas, each focusing on one of the branches of STEM. In each area there will be events for scouts to do.  To keep a balance in the number of stations in each area, there may be some crossing over of some STEM themes into other areas. This will help to keep an even ratio of scouts to activities, giving scouts a full day of activities to keep them engaged. 

A list of STEM stations will be listed in the leaders that will be released at a later date, but a few example of stations that are planned include Rockets, Robotics, Liquid Nitrogen, Pulleys, and many more activites.