2021 Coffee Fundraiser!

Introducing the 2021 Coffee Fundraiser!

Help pay for camp by selling popular Utica Coffee Roasters Coffee. You can sell in person, or if you want a touchless transaction - online! 

Utica Coffee Roasters is an extremely popular coffee roaster that is sold in stores across the state. With a wide variety of ground coffee varieties and k-cups plus merchandise there is something for everyone.


Important Sale/Delivery Dates:

  • Sale Starts March 1 and will end April 15

  • All orders will be due by April 22

  • Coffee Pickup dates for traditional sales will be announced. Online sales will have coffee sent directly to the customer.

Getting Started

There are two ways to sell to your customers - through a traditional order form like you do with popcorn, and online.


Traditional sales:

To sell traditionally, download the order form and product guide from the links below and start selling! For every product you sell a portion of the profits to go in your unit account. At the end of the month, turn in your order form and money collected, to your unit leader. Once the coffee order is ready, you will be notified and can pick it up at the council office for distribution to your customers. More detailed instructions on ordering and payment can be found below.


       Coffee Fundraising Order Form

       Utica Coffee Roasting Sell Sheet


How do we pay?

For traditional order forms, Individual Scouts turn in their order forms and money to their unit leader. We strongly recommend assigning a volunteer to manage the unit sale, just like having a popcorn colonel in the fall. The unit leader will then fill out a single order form for the whole unit (keeping the scouts individual forms for fulfillment) and turn in that form with a check made out to Leatherstocking Council for the cost of all the products ordered, less the profit to the unit. (Total Cost – Profit) = Amount owed to the Council in a check or paid at the office with a Card.

How Much Money Will You Make Selling Traditionally (offline)?

Listed below are the profits for each item. 

• Cost per bag of Leatherstocking Campfire Coffee bag:
  $13.99 minus unit profit per box of $4. Amount owed to Council = $9.99

• Cost per bag of Blends, Originals and Flavored coffee:
  $12.99, minus unit profit per bag of $3.50. Amount owed to Council = $9.49     

• Cost per box of Leatherstocking Campfire K-Cups:
  $15.29, minus unit profit per bag of $3. Amount owed to Council = $11.29

• Cost per box of Wake the hell Up! K-Cups:  
  $13.99, minus unit profit per box of $3.50. Amount owed to Council = $10.49


• Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:
  $6.99, minus unit profit of $2. Amount owed to the Council = $4.99

• 16 oz. Cup 2 Go:
  $11.99, minus unit profit $3.00. Amount owed to the Council = $8.99

• Bandana:
  $9.99, minus unit profit $2.50. Amount owed to Council = $7.49

• Lanyard:
  $7.99, minus unit profit $2.50. Amount owed to Council = $5.49

• Coffee-infused Candy Bar:
  $11.00, minus unit profit $3.00. Amount owed to Council = $8.00


Online sales:

To sell online, you simply need to send the link for the fundraiser to your friends and family through email, social media or text. Here is the link:


When your customer places their order, they will be asked to include your name as part of the checkout process to ensure you get credit for the sale. They need to enter your name in the "Participant Funding" field of the order form. IMPORTANT: To ensure there is no confusion with duplicate names, they should enter your full name followed by your unit number and town. For example: "John Doe Pack 3 Cooperstown".

The online system is easy because the customer pays online, arranges shipping and the whole process is contactless. Your profit from online sales will be directly deposited into the unit account at the council office so that it can be accessed by unit leaders to help pay for camp or other scouting activities.

For each item sold online, you will receive 70% of the profit and the Council will receive 30%. Funds raised will be put in the unit's account once the profit check from Utica Coffee Roasters is received by the council.





File Name Description
2021 Coffee Fundraiser Sell Sheet Download