HSR Specialty Week

Specialty camps are all about adventure, fun, and skills. You'll spend a week in a specific program area immersed in a variety of activities in order gain greater skill and proficiency in your specialty area. Although you will be able to earn merit badges during Specialty Week camps, the focus is on having fun and becoming more skilled in your favorite activities.

Aquatics and Boating Week

Spend a week at the waterfront swimming and boating. While perfecting your aquatics skills you’ll have the opportunity to earn a number of waterfront merit badges and awards. In addition to sailing and boating on Crumhorn Lake, Scouts in this camp may head off the mountain and explore nearby lakes and rivers. Merit badges may include: Canoeing, Kayaking, Lifesaving*, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, Swimming, plus Snorkeling BSA, BSA Lifeguard* certification, and the Mile Swim. *13 years old minimum age, whole class activity only.

Climbing and Adventure Camp

Perfect your skills as a climber on Henderson Scout Reservation’s climbing tower and bouldering wall, then head off-site for a camping–climbing excursion in the Adirondacks. Set up a base camp from which you’ll spend the day climbing natural rock faces in the Silver Lake Wilderness Area. Return to base camp for a relaxing evening before returning to HSR. Merit badges include climbing and camping.

Con-Eco Camp

Spend your days putting into practice the conservation skills of several Nature merit badges. Observe nature at its finest on our more than 600 acres while helping to preserve the camp’s natural legacy through conservation projects, experiments, and observation. Merit badges include environmental science, nature, soil and water conservation, fish and wildlife management, forestry, geology, mammals, bird study, and more.

Fishing Camp

Spend a relaxing week on the lake and nearby rivers fishing with rod and reel and fly fishing. Learn fish identification, all the knots a fisherman needs to know, proper bait/lure selection, fly tying, and how to clean and cook your catch. You’ll even have the opportunity to visit a fish hatchery. Merit badges include fishing and fly fishing.

Forged in the Forest

Is the sound of hot iron forged on an anvil music to your ears? Ever thought about making your own knife? Look no further. In this camp you’ll forge a knife, make a handle out of wood, and leather sheath. You can even combine (or perfect) all your skills to make a small piece of furniture, sculpture, or paintings. Merit badges include metalworking, woodworking, leatherwork, sculpture, and art.

Shooting Sports Camp

Spend a week like no other. During Shooting Sports Camp, Scouts focus their attention on mastering the skills of the shooting sports—archery, rifle, black powder, and shotgun. Participants also have the opportunity to visit different shooting facilities and competitions, earn marksmanship awards for rifle and shotgun shooting, plus try their hand at knife and tomahawk throwing. Merit badges include rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and archery.


Here’s your opportunity to get down and dirty while learning to master a variety of practical and fun skills and gain a greater understanding of the STEM fields. Scouts will be introduced to the practical application of several STEM areas and career skills. Merit badges include digital technology, game design, engineering, robotics, railroading, space exploration, and welding.

Trail to Eagle Week

For the Scout who has set his sights on earning Scouting’s highest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout. This is a unique opportunity to work on Eagle required badges, receive guidance on how to select, plan and complete an Eagle service project, and prepare an Eagle Scout application. Trail to Eagle Camp is open to all Scouts who have earned the First Class rank. Required Eagle merit badges offered include: Camping, Cooking, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Cycling, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, First Aid, Lifesaving, Personal Fitness, and Swimming.

Wilderness Week

Spend the week camping with nothing but what you can carry on your back. You’ll set up a base camp, complete several hikes, build and sleep in a wilderness shelter, light fires without matches, learn water purification techniques, and perfect your skills as a woodsman; even learn to throw a tomahawk. Merit badges include camping, hiking, cooking, wilderness survival, pioneering, and orienteering.