The Power of 3

Power of 3 Announcement!

For everyone interested in the Power of 3 weekly drawings, they have been extended to Friday, November 12th.

Due to lack of participation during the week of 10/18-10/22, the Council decided to postpone the drawing for that week and extend the drawings to the second week of November.

Please, please, please! Continue to participate in the Power of 3! The rescheduled 2nd drawing will be held Friday, 10/29, at 2pm Facebook Live. Thank you!


What is the Power of 3?

The Power of 3 is a motivational recruitment strategy. By using the Power of 3 strategy, we encourage youth and their families to reach out to their friends and communities.


Youth that participate in the Power of 3 learn how to communicate effectively with their friends in order to explain the purpose of scouting and why it is beneficial to join the Pack/Den. Youth also learn character building traits such as persistence and goal setting by participating in the Power of 3.


How does it work?

Each week for four weeks, (starting Friday, October 15th), at 2:00 p.m. the Council will hold a drawing for a Power of 3 recruitment prize. Prizes are for youth only that participate. Prizes are as listed below:

  • 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card (Week 1- There will also be 2 Mystery prize drawings!)
  • 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card (Week 2-There will also be 2 Mystery prize drawings!)
  • 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card (Week 3-There will also be 2 Mystery prize drawings!)
  • The Grand Prize! 1 Smart TV (Week 4- There will also be 2 Mystery prize drawings!)


Entry Rules:

For a Scout to be entered into the Power of 3 drawing, the Scout will need to invite a minimum of 3 friends with their parent(s)/guardian(s) to a meeting. Scouts are not limited to inviting only 3 friends.  For every friend that signs up the Scout will be entered.


Example: Joe invited 3 friends to his weekly den meeting. 1 friend out of the 3 invited signs up. Joe can then be entered into the drawing once. If all 3 friends sign up, Joe can be entered 3 times into the drawing.


If one of the friends invited to the meeting was previously in Cub Scouts/Scouts, BSA signs up again, this entry counts too for the Scout who brought that friend (as long as the Scout invites 3 friends).


Unit leaders MUST enter Scouts who qualify each week for the Power of 3 drawing using an online form (located on the bottom of this webpage). Entries will be verified by Council staff members.

Scouts can begin entering for the drawing beginning Friday, October 8th.

Scouts’ parents will be contacted to arrange disbursement of prizes.

The Power of 3 Drawings will happen weekly on Facebook live starting Friday, October 15th at 2:00 p.m. on the Leatherstocking Council Facebook page. Results will also be posted weekly in Smoke Signals.


Unit leaders:

In addition to filling out the Power of 3 entry form located here on the Council website, please submit the NEW Scout’s Youth paper application(s) with payment to the Council. Applications are due each Thursday prior to the Friday drawings by 5:00 p.m.

If the NEW Scout applied using BeAScout, please confirm with your District Executive that the application was submitted along with payment.