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 Leatherstocking Council Unit Activity Plan 

Prior to going on a unit activity, the unit must make sure that they are prepared for a safe adventure! By completing and submitting a unit activity plan, the unit ensures that the necessary precautions and supervision is in place for the planned activity. Youth safety is our #1 priority in all Scouting activities.

Leaders should reference the Guide to safe Scouting as they plan and prepare for activities and be aware of state or local government regulations that supersede Boy Scouts of America practices, policies, and guidelines. The SAFE Checklist is to be used alongside the activity plan and Guide to Safe Scouting in the conducting of Scouting activities.

Leaders also need to be sure that Scouts and leaders have the correct Annual Health and Medical Records for the activity they are participating in.

The unit activity plan must be submitted to the field staff that serves the Units District or directly to the Council at leatherstocking@scouting.org

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