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Popcorn Update 


To:         All Unit Leaders and Popcorn Kernel’s

Event:   2019 Popcorn Kickoff

When: June 22nd 10 AM – 12 PM

Where: Henderson Scout Reservation Dining Hall/Training Lodge

What:   The Annual Popcorn Sale is the largest single fundraiser in the Leatherstocking Council.  Many units make enough money in the sale to fund their unit for the year.  Some use the funds to support camping opportunities, other trips to places like Gettysburg or Washington DC.

On June 22nd we will be holding the Annual Popcorn Kickoff at Henderson Scout Reservation from 10 AM to 12 PM.  We are excited to be introducing Campmaster’s new computer ordering system as well as a greatly improved online ordering system.

As an incentive to units who attend on Saturday the 22nd, a special drawing will be held for units that pre-register at leatherstockingcouncil.org for one unit to win a gift card worth $250 at the Council Store.  Units that attend will also earn a 5% bonus on their sales commission (base commission rate is 29%).  There will be additional door prizes as well as lunch served promptly at noon.

New computer ordering, online sales, and best practices that local units are using and more will be on the agenda.

See you there!


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Council Board Recommendations

Leatherstocking Council Nominating Committee is looking for recommendations for new council level members. Learn more about the Council Leadership in Leatherstocking Council, Click Here

Nominations shall close thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting, On June 23, 2019.   

To submit a name please follow this link

19 JUN

Foothills/Deerslayer District Dinner

The Deerslayer and Foothills' District Dinner will be taking place on June 19that the SUNY Oneonta College Camp, 119 Hoffman Road, Oneonta, NY

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