Executive Board & Council Leadership


Executive Committee Members

  • John Devlin, Council President
  • David Leidy, Council Commissioner
  • Peter Hedglon, Treasurer
  • (Open) , Executive Vice President
  • Kirk Evans, Vice President of Marketing
  • TBA , Vice President of Program
  • Paul Obernesser, Vice President of Properties
  • Hank Nicols, Vice President of Leadership
  • Ross Berntson, Vice President of Membership
  • Matt Dziedzic, Vice President for Finance

Nominating Committee 

In Accordance with provisions of the Charter & Bylaws, Article III, Section 4, the Council President appoints the Nominating Committee. Nominations for all Council elective offices shall be made by the Nominating Committee.

  • William Kline, Chairman
  • Sam Berardino
  • Gary Scalzo
  • Barbera Ann Heegan
  • Daniel Enea