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Scout BSA Basic Training
BALOO/IOLS Outdoor Training
National Youth Training

Cub Scout Basic Training consist of taking the position-specific course for your registered position. If you are a Den leader you would take the Den Leader specific course that is offered currently online at my.scouting. The course will introduce the basic Scouting terms and provide you with a basic understanding of how to plan and run a den. You will learn about advancement and how to make den meeting fun. If you attend one of our University of Scouting or a Pow Wow you will get to meet other leaders and ask questions.

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Outdoor Training

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Next BALOO and IOLS Training will be this Sept 21-22 at West windfield Park.

National Youth Leader Training

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Woodbadge National Adult Leader Training

Woodbadge is the a Trainig course offered for all leaders from the Smallest Den to the top of the Council leadership. The course will teach you more about Scouting leadership skills while providing its particpants with fun activities. You may feel like a Kid again.

Wood Badge 2025 – Camp Woodlands or Camp Kingsley

Training Awards and Recognition

It is important that we recognize our Scouts and Scouters for completing Training. If that is at a Unit Meeting, Unit Awared Dinner or at a District or Council Recognition Dinner we like to be recognized. Due to this National has created training and Recognition awards that can be presented to a Scouter that has completed requirements for the award. The training awards and keys are designed to recognize unit Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles. Progress record forms, for these awards, can be found using the link below

Training Team & Meeting Nights

COUNCIL Training CHAIR   Jim Pike  

DISTRICT ADVANCEMENT CHAIR                                                   MONTHLY MEETINGS                                   

Adirondack Foothills District

Powderhorn District

Susquehanna Headwaters District

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