Popcorn Sale

What is the Popcorn Sale?

Every worthwhile endeavor requires resources, and scouting is no exception. That’s why our local Scouting Council and district are excited to announce the upcoming Fall Popcorn sale. Fundraising with Popcorn is an amazing way to increase your unit’s funds for program in addition to providing leadership and learning opportunities for your Scouts!

We encourage our units to seize this opportunity to finance their year-round adventures, including Summer camp and Scouting Camping Programs. Additionally, these funds can help offset the expenses associated with achieving ranks and earning Scouting awards.

Here’s why your Scout should jump on board:

  1. Earn Your Way: As Scouts, we know how important it is to fund the adventures and activities that make Scouting unforgettable. With the Fall Popcorn Sale, you can earn money directly for your troop and activites. Whether it’s funding that next camping trip, paying for awards, or program fees, every sale counts!
  2. Develop Skills: Selling popcorn isn’t just about raising funds; it’s an opportunity to develop valuable life skills.
    • Improve their Communication Skills as they communicate with their community to fundraise.
    • Teamwork to goal setting and entrepreneurship, the Fall Popcorn Sale is a hands-on learning experience that will benefit you long after the sale is over.
  3. Join the Fun: What’s better than spending time with your fellow scouts, working towards a common goal, and having fun along the way? The Fall Popcorn Sale brings us together as a community, strengthens our bonds, and creates memories that last a lifetime.
Methods Units and Scouts to sell popcorn.
  • Booth Sales: Set up colorful, inviting booths at local events or stores. Engage with the community, showcase your scouting spirit, and watch those sales soar! (Local Stores such as Stewarts, Price Chopper, and Walmart)
  • Door-to-Door Sales: Knock on doors, share your enthusiasm for scouting, and offer delicious popcorn varieties to your neighbors. ( Walk around your neighborhood, or Office with a parent, Collect orders on the Sale Form, and turn into the unit leader by October 25th)
  • Online Sales: Embrace the power of technology by selling popcorn online and by email. Reach friends, family, and popcorn enthusiasts near and far with just a few clicks.

A Popcorn Eclipse!

Is this year’s Popcorn Theme! Be on the lookout for different elements of this theme as this year’s Fall Popcorn fundraiser takes place.

How to Submit an Order:

Please refer to the Scout Boss Guide for Units and the Leatherstocking Popcorn Facebook
page. You can also schedule a meeting any time with Council Popcorn Staff Advisor Rebekah
Dickerson. Email Rebekah for a meeting if needed! Rebekah.Dickerson@scouting.org.

Pecatonica River Popcorn Login

Unit Popcorn Chairs( Popcorn Kernals) will need to use the Pecatonica River Popcorn Website to Plan and manage the Popcorn Sale. Each Popcorn Kernal will use the website to access the Popcorn Kernal Portal where they will manage Scout Accounts, Place and pay for Unit orders. They also can access the popcorn resources.

DateTraining SubjectLink
6/10/2024 – 7PMZoom Popcorn Kickoff!Zoom Training
7/16/2024 – 7PMThe Basics of the Popcorn Ordering System Zoom Training
8/15/2024 – 7PMHow to setup Scout Sales AccountsZoom Training
10/02/2024 – 7PMHow to submit your unit’s Take OrderZoom Training

Timeline for the Council’s Fall Popcorn Fundraiser

Early Bird Show N’ Sell Orders due July 19, 2024Online Order
ADK and Powderhorn Pickup at Program Kickoff – Utica August 10, 2024MVCC Jorgensen Field House
Susquehanna Headwaters Pickup at Program Kickoff -OneontaAugust 11, 2024Fortin Park, Oneonta
Show N’ Sell Reorders DueAugust 9, 2024Online Order
Susquehanna Headwaters Popcorn PickupAugust 28 -29, 2024Drogen Electric, Oneonta
ADK and Powderhorn Popcorn PickupAugust 28 -31, 2024EJA Moving and Storage, Oriskany
50% of a unit’s Show N’ Sell invoice is DueOctober 18, 2024
Take Orders (Flyer orders) DueOctober 30, 2024Online Order
Prize Orders Due(No Late Submission)October 30, 2024Online Order
Susquehanna Headwaters Take Orders Popcorn PickupNov.13-14, 2024Drogen Electric, Oneonta
ADK and Powderhorn Take Orders Popcorn PickupNov. 13-16, 2024EJA Moving and Storage, Oriskany
Final Popcorn Payment DueDEC. 15, 2024Online Order

Early Popcorn Pickup

Units that provide a leader to help sorting Popcorn Orders on warehouse delivery dates which are when Popcorn arrives a few day before Unit order pickup; will get to take their unit’s Popcorn home early that day!

Sellers Club Drawings

Scouts that have reach their District’s Scout Sellers Club Goal by each Sellers Club Date will be entered in the Council’s Sellers Club Drawing for their District for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Please use the attached spreadsheet to input Scout Sales Totals for Sellers Club Drawings. Each unit needs to email the Sellers Club Tracker to rebekah.dickerson@scouting.org by each Sellers Club Submition Date. Scouts selected from each district’s drawing will be be awared a $25 Amazon Gift Card and will be posted on Facebook a few day after the drawings. All Sellers Club Qualifying Scouts will receive the Leatherstocking Council’s Popcorn 2024 Sellers Club Council Shoulder Patch following the conclusion of the Popcorn Sale.

Susquehanna Headwaters District Sellers Club:

For every $450 that a Scout sells in Popcorn, he/she will be entered in the Council’s Sellers

ADK Foothills and Powderhorn District Sellers Clubs:

For every $550 that a Scout sells in Popcorn, he/she will be entered in the Council’s Sellers
Club Drawing for each District.

Sellers Club Due Dates:

Drawing 1 Entries with Totals due by 10/4/24 (The amount sold by each qualifying Scout up until 9/20/24).
Drawing 2 Entries with Totals due by 10/18/24 (The amount sold by each qualifying Scout up until 10/4/24).
Drawing 3 Entries with Totals due by 10/30/24 (The amount sold by each qualifying Scout up until 10/20/24).

Winner’s Circle Prizes

Winner’s Circle Prizes are offered by Pecatonica River Popcorn Company to every Scout who fundraises $3000 or more for their unit’s Popcorn Fundraiser! Check out the Winner’s Circle Prizes on your Scouts’ Popcorn Flyers!

When are Prize orders due?

ALL prize orders are due at the latest by 10/30/24 to Pecatonica River Popcorn Company! This
is a Final Due Date that cannot be modified due to late Prize orders!

Popcorn Questions?

Check out the Leatherstocking Popcorn Facebook page for All things Popcorn!

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