Cub Scout Summer Adventure Camp


Ask any Scout of any age about their fondest memories in Scouting and invariably the first thing mentioned will be Summer Camp.

Summer camp at Camp Kingsley is where Cub Scouts learn self-reliance, build character, and create friendships that last a lifetime. Signing up your child or unit for summer resident camp means that your Scout(s) will not miss out on an amazing experience where they learn crucial skills for a successful life.

Camp Kingsley, a residential summer camp for Scouts, located in the Mohawk Valley of New York, is home to over 150 sleep-away campers and more than 25 staff members from across Leatherstocking Council. Our Camp was founded in 1921 and continues to provide an exciting and enriching summer camp experience for Cub Scouts, ages 7-10.



Cub Scouts enjoy a fantastic variety of programs such as...

Here at Camp Kingsley, we make it our priority to always imagine new ways for our Scouts to educate and enjoy themselves as they prepare for life. We find that there is no greater joy than inspiring Scouts to unlock their potential and discover new interests. This is why our dedicated staff and volunteers continuously strive for advancements in our Scouting programs and camp offerings. So don’t leave Camp Kingsley for too long, because we’re never done improving.

Lets RIDE! From start to finish Camp Kingsley Off-Road Center races to finish every day with learning and excitement. The Off-Road Center is more than just dirt paths as it teaches eager Scouts on the precautions needed while enjoying an off-road facility. Camp Kingsley’s off-road staff have been carefully selected for their experience in youth instruction and understanding of biking safety. The Off-Road Center features a BMX course, covered instructional areas and off-road vehicle storage. The off-road staff is equipped with emergency equipment, BMX bikes, peddle dirt buggies and protective gear. Our inventive off-road staff uses our off-roading equipment every day to produce a program that emphasizes off-road safety while completing requirements for Cub Scouts’ advancement.

Welcome to the great outdoors! Camp Kingsley’s Nature Program is one with mother nature to show the wonders of the wilderness. Our Nature Program educates its adventurous Scouts on the skills needed while discovering all of Camp Kingsley’s natural marvels. From the lake to the forest, the Nature Program has several nearby ecosystems that provide a great educational environment. Every day is a new adventure as our naturally talented staff venture to bring a curriculum that highlights discovery while completing requirements for Cub Scouts’ advancement. Our outdoorsy staff are supplied with a large pavilion, a collection of natural objects ranging from skulls to nests, and exploration equipment.

BULLSEYE! Camp Kingsley’s Range hits its target every day for safe education and thrills. The Range educates its excited Scouts on the safeguards necessary to experience a shooting range facility. Kingsley takes pride in selecting shooting range staff who are all experienced in youth education and shooting sports safety. The Range is equipped with two shooting sectors with two large pavilions, archery stands, BB-gun rests and mats, and protective fencing. The range staff is supplied with emergency equipment, archery gear in a variety of sizes, BB-guns, sling shots and a wide array of targets, including action archery. Daily, our resourceful range staff uses our collective resources to deliver a program that emphasizes current shooting sports safety protocols while completing requirements for Cub Scouts’ advancement.

From sunrise to sunset, Camp Kingsley’s waterfront bubbles with learning and excitement. Every day at camp, the waterfront educates its enthusiastic swimmers on the precautions necessary to safely enjoy a waterfront facility. Kingsley takes pride in selecting waterfront staff who are certified lifeguards or teaching assistants, all experienced in youth and aquatics education. Our aquatics staff has at its disposal a newly-renovated Aquatics Center equipped with eight lockable changing stalls, an indoor classroom, and a large foot-friendly dock system. Kingsley’s Aquatics Center is outfitted with at-the-ready emergency equipment, training floats, and The Blob. Our armada of 25 boats includes funyaks, paddleboats, canoes, single and tandem kayaks, and rowboats. Each day at camp, our imaginative aquatics staff utilizes our vast array of resources to deliver a curriculum that emphasizes modern aquatic safety practices while completing requirements for Cub Scouts’ advancement. The laughter of learning is what you’ll hear as you approach our waterfront because we strive for purposeful games that combine enjoyment and education.



What's new at Camp Kingsley?!

  • Barnes Welcome Center 

    • New Camp Office

    • New Trading Post

    • New Health Office

    • New Leader Coffee Station 

    • New Bathrooms

  • Updated BIKE/BMX Area

    • Growing Program



You will have to be like Indiana Jones to find the treasure this summer. 


Camp Kingsley Safety

Camp Kingsley is dedicated to the safety of all its Scouts, Scout Leaders/Adults, and staff. Our staff is working constantly to keep updated on the latest health guidance from the CDC and local health departments to deliver the safest program possible. With multiple events done within this past year such as Fall Family Day and Blizzard Camp, we are confident and thoroughly experienced in successfully making a safe camp experience. 


2024 Cub Scout Summer Camp Prices*

*Includes five days and four nights of programming and camping, dining hall meals, programming materials and so much more.

Early Bird Price

( Before December 31st)

Base Fee Price

(After January 1st) 

Late Price

(After April 30- Camp)

Cub Scout- $350

Sibling Cub Scout- $325

Youth Den Chief- $125

Adult/Leader- $125

Cub Scout - $375

Sibling Cub Scouts -$350

Youth Den Cheif -125

Adult/ Leader - $125

Cub Scout- $425

Sibling Cub Scout- $400

Youth Den Chief- $125

Adult/Leader- $125

Final Payments are due 4/30/2024 before the Late Fee Applies


Position Name Telephone
Camp Director - Kingsley Scout Reservation Rob Mahardy (315) 735-3222 Email