Leatherstocking's Camp Rules and Regulations


Please read all rules and regulations to all camper upon arrival at camp

1. RESERVATIONS: All camp usage reservations must be made through the Leatherstocking Council Office 1401 Genesee Street, Utica, N.Y. Reservations will not be taken without payment in full. All Camp Use must be booked online at leatherstockingcouncil.org; with the appropriate fees a minimum of two weeks prior to your arrival. Reservations may be considered with less than a two-week notice, however, an additional service fee of $100 will apply. All fees are based on a weekend period, from Friday evening at 6:00 pm to Sunday 11 AM.

For non-Scout groups, a certificate of insurance showing Leatherstocking Council as a co-insured for a minimum of $2 million is also be required. Please email the form to Leatherstocking@scouting.org

2. LEADERSHIP FOR PACKS, TROOPS, and CREWS: A minimum of two Youth Protection Trained(YPT) adult leaders per the first eight youth and one leader for each additional eight youth is required, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age. LEADERSHIP FOR CO-ED GROUPS: Co-ed overnight activities require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be (YPT) and at least 21 years of age. There must be separate sleeping facilities or areas for male and female participants in accordance with BSA policy. LEADERSHIP FOR CUB PACKS: Tigers must meet the mandatory 1:1 Adult/Youth ratio. Wolf, Bear and Webelos Dens must meet the mandatory 1:2 Adult/Youth ratio. If Tigers, Wolves or Bears are camping out, FAMILY CAMPING procedures must be followed prior to and while at camp.

3. CANCELATIONS: If your outing is cancelled for any reason, contact the Ranger- Kingsley (315-392-2050) or Henderson 607-638-9050 and the Council Office (315-735-4437) immediately. If you cancel 2 weeks or more prior to arrival, your prepaid fees are transferable to another date or camp, schedule permitting. If cancelled less than 2 weeks from your scheduled time at camp, payment is not transferable.

4. A copy of the Camp Use Application Form will be forwarded to the Ranger/Campmaster prior to your arrival. Units should bring your copy as proof of payment along with a unit roster.

5. ARRIVAL AT CAMP: Normal check-in is between 6 PM and 8 PM on Friday evening. Do not arrive earlier than expected without advanced approval of the Ranger, Caretaker or Campmaster in charge of the camp.

6. CHECK-IN: You MUST check-in with the Ranger, Caretaker or Campmaster PRIOR to going to the campsite or cabin. You must submit a Unit Roster showing the names of ALL participants (both youth and adult) to the Ranger, Caretaker or Campmaster upon arrival at camp. You must have a current, signed BSA Health and Medical Record for each participant. All youth medicines must be secured by the Adult leader in charge.

7. A Program Outline is requested so that your outdoor experience is beneficial and productive. Remember that the Ranger and Campmasters are there to help! Camp conservation and service projects are available, upon request.
Leatherstocking Council Camp Use Rules and Regulations
Please read all rules and regulations to all camper upon arrival at camp

8. Personal Vehicles MUST be parked in the parking lots ONLY or in an approved area designated by the Ranger, Caretaker or Campmaster. No personal snowmobiles or ATV’s are allowed. Be prepared to carry your gear, do not plan to drive or ride your gear into the campsites or cabins.

9. No trenching around tents is permitted, as it leads to soil erosion.

10. There will be no cutting of standing timber or damage to any property, including natural surroundings. Defacing of camp property is prohibited. Units will be responsible to pay for any and all damages that occur during your stay at camp.

11. NYS DEC Law prohibits transport of fire wood more than 50 miles from where it is cut. Units are prohibited from bringing fire wood into Camp Kingsley or Camp Henderson. A $25 surcharge has been added to winter cabin rentals w/ wood stoves. A rack of fire wood for heating cabins will be provided upon arrival. Additional firewood is available at an additional cost.

12. CAMP FIRES: Open fires or campfires are to be built only in designated locations or on fire altars provided. All open fires are to be dead out before leaving a campsite for any reason. Only downed and dead wood found on the property can be collected and cut with axes or bow saws. Personal CHAINSAWS ARE PROHIBITED.

13. NO SMOKING: There will be no smoking in any building or in front of the campers. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only!

14. QUIET TIME: Quiet time is observed from 10 PM until 7 AM. Loud music or excessive noise is not permitted at any time.

15. No Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed at camp.

16. All accidents, illnesses, or emergencies must be reported immediately to the Ranger, Caretaker or Campmaster.

17. Use of liquid or bottled fuels must follow the Guide to Safe Scouting.

18. No personal firearms or any fireworks are allowed at camp.

19. Scouts shall use the buddy system for all activities including fishing, hiking, sledding, etc.

20. No pets are allowed at camp.

21 AQUATICS: Swimming or boating at designated areas is allowed, provided that copies of Lifeguard Certification, Adult Supervisor, and Safe Swim Certifications are attached to the application. All aquatics activities shall follow Guide to Safe Scouting.
Leatherstocking Council Camp Use Rules and Regulations
Please read all rules and regulations to all camper upon arrival at camp

22. FISHING: No fishing is allowed from swimming docks or in the swimming area. Barbless hooks only are to be used at Camp Kingsley and Camp Henderson. NYS Fishing License is required for ages 16+. Motor boats are not allowed on Bullhead Lake at Camp Kingsley or Crumhorn Lake at Camp Henderson. Ice fishing is prohibited at Camp Kingsley.

23. Winter activities such as sliding and sledding shall be done in accordance with the ‘Slide-on-Safely’ requirements. These activities require adult supervision in designated safe sliding areas. At Henderson, sledding is only allowed on the cell tower road in north end of camp. At Camp Kingsley the sledding hill is between Tuscarora campsite and the BMX Track.

24. Bullhead Lake at Camp Kingsley is spring feed causing hidden soft spots or holes in the ice during the winter. No one is allowed on Bullhead lake during the winter season. Crumhorn Lake may be available for skating/ice fishing. See ranger for ice thickness.

25. CLEANLINESS: Campers are expected to leave their camp area better than they find it. Do a good turn while at camp. All trash is to be carried out by your group.

26. LEAVING CAMP: Arrange with the Ranger, Caretaker, or Campmaster for convenient checkout time. Before you depart camp, you must be checked out by the Ranger, Caretaker, or Campmaster, who will assess any damage or cleaning requirements.

27. No Hunting




Camp Kingsley (315) 942-2511 5330 Tuffy Road Ava, NY 13309
Camp Henderson (607) 638-9050

525 Boy Scout Rd. Maryland, N.Y. 12116

Property Supt. Al Schrader (315)392-3213 (315) 520-6658 cell

Ranger Henderson Travis Coleman (315) 717-5309

EMERGENCIES: Emergencies shall be reported to the Ranger, Caretaker, or Campmaster or dial 911 and explain your emergency. Then immediately contact the Ranger

Revised 10-27-16