2023 Popcorn Sale


We would like to introduce you to the Pecatonica River Popcorn Company. We Host a Popcorn Fundraiser every year to assist local units and Scouts in raising money to pay for Summer Camps, Programs, and supplies.  Any fundraised by the council is contributed to valuable programs such as training volunteers to be better Scouts, lowering the program's cost for Scouts, and sustaining camp facilities. Purchasing popcorn outside of a retail store (show-and-sell) or ordering popcorn (take-order), is the easiest way to help units raise money. Over 70% of all sales dollars remain here to support our Scouts at the council and the unit level.


Popcorn Selling


Popcorn Training

July 18th Kernel's Corner Zoom link:


August 17th Popcorn Kernel's Corner Zoom link:


If your unit attends one of the popcorn trainings it will get 5% added to the base commission. 

Popcorn Training Video

- Popcorn Video - Passcode: m2BAG*.!


The unit works as a team at a location(s) to show its products and to make immediate sales. Units need to get permission to sell in front of a business, storefront, or other location. Checks should be made out to the unit and the unit submits one check to the council.

The unit needs to place Order for the Show-&-Sell date to be announced soon. 

Show & Sell  Popcorn Pickup Will be around August 30th, 2023 

Take Order

A Scout goes door to door with a take order form with a parent or a buddy, the customer writes their order on the form, and the Scout returns to deliver the product and collect payment in a few weeks. Checks should be made out to the unit and the unit submits one check to the Leatherstocking Council.  Remember always to say “Thank You” to the person purchasing the popcorn.


Allows Scouts to sell online to family and friends.  There is an online account available for each individual unit and/or for each individual Scout.

Watch Seller ID Tutorial Video

Accepting Credit Cards


Key Popcorn Dates

8/16/23-Show N' Sell orders Due to Pecatonica River Popcorn Company

9/1/23-9/2/23-Show N'Sell Order Pickups (tentative dates)


9/27/23-Show N'Sell ReOrders due to Pecatonica River Popcorn (this date only)

10/13/23-10/14/23-Show N'Sell ReOrder Popcorn Pickups (tentative dates)


11/1/23-Take Orders due to Pecatonica River Popcorn Company

11/17/23-11/18/23-Take Order Popcorn Pickups (tentative dates)


Payment Dues Dates

10/18/23-At least 50% of a unit's Show N'Sell invoice total is due by this date.

12/13/23-All Popcorn payment for Show N'Sell and Take Order sales is due by this date.




File Name Description
2023 Popcorn PPT Download
Scout Boss Guide for Units 2023 Download