CampMasters Popcorn Sale

Camp Masters Puple Popping Corn Jar announcement

To All Popcorn Kernels,


Campmaster's Popcorn is made exclusively for sale by the Boy Scouts of America units. It’s our largest annual fundraiser running mid-August through the end of October. This annual council-wide fundraiser assists local units in raising money for summer resident or day camps, adventures, supplies, registration fees, and advancement badges. Money raised at the council level contributes to valuable programs such as training volunteers to be better Scouts, lower cost of the program for Scouts, and sustaining camp facilities. Purchasing popcorn outside of a retail store (show-and-sell) or ordering popcorn (take-order), is the easiest way to help units raise money. Over 70% of all sales dollars remain here to support our Scouts at the council and the unit level.


2021 Popcorn Sale  Dates


July 27            - Last day that show and sell orders can be placed

August 13            - Sale begins/Show and sell delivary

October 29          - Sale Ends

October 29         - Deadline to submit Take Orders/ Prize orders online

  • Submit Popcorn and prize orders online (Same Time)
  • Submit full sheets and Super Prizes to Scout Office 


  - Popcorn Pickup: Contact your Council Office for a pick-up location


The Susquehanna Headwaters District pickups will be at the Schulman B Lines Warehouse in Oneonta 
Adirondack Foothills and Powderhorn Districts pickups will be at the Environmental Composites Warehouse 

November 1      - The deadline for show and sell payments to the Council Office. (Please use a unit check to make the payment.) 

November 19    -Take order distribution

December 9      - The deadline for unit payment for popcorn is due to the Council Office. (Please use a unit check to make the payment.) 

Payment received after December 9 will result in a loss of 5% commission.


Popcorn Selling Options

Take Order

A Scout goes door to door with a take order form with a parent or a buddy, the customer writes their order on the form, the Scout returns to deliver the product and collect payment in a few weeks. Checks should be made out to the unit and the unit submits one check to the council.  Remember always to say “thank you” to the person purchasing the popcorn.


The unit works as a team at a location(s) to show their products and to make immediate sales after getting permission to sell in front of a business, storefront, or other location. Checks should be made out to the unit and the unit submits one check to the council.


Allows Scouts to sell online to family and friends.  There is an online account available for each individual unit and/or for each individual Scout.  Sales generated online qualifies toward Scout Rewards and scholarship credit.

**Note: All Popcorn & Prize Orders MUST be placed using the Online Ordering System**

Accepting Credit Cards

You and your Scouts can now accept credit cards!  This link takes you directly to the page to sign up:



File Name Description
PPT How to Place Unit Porpcorn Order Download
2021 Popcorn Guide Download
2021 Popcorn Kick Off Training Presentation Download
2021 Popcorn order form Download
How to Place Unit Order( Doc) Download
Scout's Online Sales Guide Learn how to setup Scouts to sell online. Scouts are able to promote their sell through Facebook and other social media Platform. Download