Eagle Scout Approval Process

The Eagle Scout rank is a major milestone in the life of any Scout, as it is the pinnacle of all of the program, development, and leadership that Scouting provides its youth members. To attain the rank of Eagle is no easy feat: it requires the determination of the Scout, as well as the support and guidance of many adults, family members, volunteers, and community leaders.

As this rank is the shining light and example of Scouting at a national level, easily identifiable in all walks of life, the process to earn such a prestigious award is not one to be taken lightly. The integrity of the Eagle Scout rank and approval process is deeply important to all volunteers and councils in the Boy Scouts of America.

General Policy

Information contained in the Boy Scouts of America's Guide to Advancement is the guiding policy in the Eagle Scout rank process, and rules in the event of policy conflict. The Guide may be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF document.

Eagle Rank Details

From the time a Scout passes his Life Scout Board of Review, he may begin to complete the requirements for the Eagle Scout Rank. These requirements include completing any of the outstanding 21 merit badges needed for the rank, serving in a position of responsibility in the unit, as well as being active in their Troop for a period of 6 months. The Life Scout must also plan, develop, and give leadership in a service project of his choice. All requirements for the Eagle Rank, including the service project and Scoutmaster conference, MUST BE COMPLETED before the applicant's 18th birthday. The Board of Review may be held after the applicant's 18th birthday under some circumstances; please call the local office to discuss your options.

Applying for Eagle

As part of the requirements for the Eagle Scout Rank, the Scout must plan, develop, and give leadership to a project of his choice and design. The Leatherstocking Council Advancement Committee has developed a checklist and set of guidelines to ensure the project proposal meets the standards set for a meaningful project.

See council documents below and the workbook and application on Advancement Resources

Eagle Scout Board Schedule

(Eagle Scout paperwork must be submitted before the first each month to be considered for review that month)

  • Powderhorn
    • 4th  Monday Each Month
  • ADK Foothills 
    • 3rd Tuesday Each Month
  • Susquehanna Headwaters District
    • 3rd Friday Each Month

File Name Description
*Guide to the Trail to Eagle This document is a guide that describes the steps the Eagle Scout candidates should take to submit their paperwork and complete the Life to Eagle proccess. Download
Eagle Scout Reference Letter Guide Includes instructions on how to address reference letters and envelopes back to the Utica Service Center, as well as the reference letter template for reviewers to fill out. First page is instructions, second and third pages should be printed double-sided. Download
Merit Badge Counselor Form Please turn in this form to the Utica Scout Office 1401 Genesee St Utica NY 13501. Counselor must also turn in an new adult leader application, and Youth Protection Certificate Download