Internet advanment reporting

Advancement Reporting


  • To set up Scoutbook for the first time, the unit key three (unit committee chair, unit leader, and chartered organization representative) should go to and view the video linked at “Getting your unit started with Scoutbook”.
  • Next, they should log in to Scoutbook using the information provided in the Login help link, also located at and follow the instructions from the video to set up the unit, additionally adding the unit committee advancement chair as an administrator.

All unit information (including active memberships) will be updated overnight each night from the registration database. If there are Scouts or adults missing from your Scoutbook roster, please contact your district executive.

Scoutbook Advancement Process

Advancement can be added as earned and is then approved by a unit administrator. When you are ready to purchase the awards for presentation, awards will need to be approved first.

Then you can go to reports and generate the purchase order and advancement report to present at the Scout Shop for your items. All items approved since the last purchase order that has not yet been awarded will be collected and printed each time a report is generated.

After the purchase, the purchase order report will need to be “closed” and the advancement noted as “awarded” once the presentation has been made.

There is a new Scoutbook Knowledge Base where you can find answers to your questions on the use of Scoutbook.

Internet Advancement 2.0

For the best explanation for the BSA Internet Advancement upgrade please click the link. -

- My.Scouting - Internet Advancement 2.0