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Internet Rechartering 

Annual Unit Rechartering

National Announcement:

Internet Recharter 2.0 is scheduled to release on October 15th for all units to submit their renewals online. We have created an FAQ, along with an Internet Recharter User Guide, to give you the opportunity to review the new platform and provide the necessary tools to your council staff when supporting the volunteers with submitting their Internet Charter Renewal. An instructional video walking the viewer through each step of the new Internet Recharter 2.0 experience will be coming soon.  

On September 22, 2021, a Sandbox environment will be opened for units to begin training on the new system. This sandbox, available at, will allow the unit to “test” the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the new recharter system beginning on October 15, 2021. To access, units will enter their same usernames they would normally use to access or My.Scouting, except a new, generic password will be used to access the sandbox system. That password will be circulated once the sandbox environment is ready

Volunteer: September 28th at 8pm Central - Register:

See resources at the bottom of the page for Internet Recharter 2.0 FAQs and User Guide.



The BSA issues charters to community organizations, to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Re-chartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. Every unit must recharter annually.

Rechartering on time is critical. Rechartering on time is required for units in order to qualify for the Journey to Excellence Award. It is mandatory for units to continue registration without interruption to ensure Scouts are registered and to allow for them to receive rank advancement as well as other awards, as well as for insurance coverage.

How to use Internet Rechartering

Anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering works can take the interactive Internet Rechartering tutorial and view the help screen.  If you have issues or need help please feel free to contact your DE or the 

To renew a charter online:

  1. Login onto the Council website: Click on Resources tab, then the Internet Charter Renewal.
  2. Click on Charter Renewal System at the bottom of this page.
  3. Click on the First Time User button.
  4. Enter your Access Number
  5. Accept the Confidentiality Agreement.
  6. Create your account.
  7. Upload Council Information or Upload Recharter File 
  8. Once you are finished with the online recharter process; please print out your paperwork, get the appropriate signatures, training certificates, any new applications and money and turn it into the Council office.
  9.  Make sure to summit your Unit Commissinor sheet.

Recharter Your Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Internet Rechartering be different for 2018-19-unit renewal processing?
A: Internet Rechartering will be enhanced with a new look consistent with Online Registration and my.Scouting Tools applications. This fresh view offers navigation with more convenience and flexibility for unit renewal processors.

Q: Will volunteers who have used Internet Rechartering previously need to learn new processes to renew their unit?
A: The few changes will be intuitive and the basic navigation is unchanged, except that navigation will be easier in multiple device and browser formats.

Q: Does Internet Rechartering still use the access code and the same First Time User registration?
A: Yes. Use of the access code is required and each renewal processor will do registration as a First Time User. Thereafter they are a Returning User.

Q: What new features are added to Internet Rechartering?
A: New features are the following:

  • validation on Youth Protection training compliance using all three current YP courses;
  • addition of online payment option for unit renewals
  • addition of electronic authorization of renewal by the chartered organization representative

Q: What are the new features for Youth Protection training?
A: Registrants in a YPT-required position must be current to be submitted in the renewal. If the person does not have the course complete he/she needs  to complete it before the charter can be completed. If for some reason the completed course date is not in the person record, an update will be available in Maintain Member Data during renewal.

Q: How will Online Payment work?
A: Each unit with fees to pay,  will have the option to pay online by credit card or other authorized means. If used, this requires the total amount due to be paid. Payment confirmation will be provided to the unit processor and to the council.

Q: Is a renewing unit required to use Online Payment?
A: No. This is made available for the unit’s convenience but is not required. Payment may be made to the council as usual.

Q: How will electronic authorization work?
A: Before final submittal of the unit renewal, the renewal processor will give the chartered organization representative (or institutional head) the opportunity to review and approve the renewal on behalf of the chartered organization. If this is done, the approval will appear on the Unit Renewal Application and for the council in Internet Rechartering Administration. Instructions will be provided in an online FAQ linked to Internet Rechartering.

Q: What do units Print at charter renewal? 
A: Unit Charter Renewal Report Package (full), and charter aggreement. Should print out a second copy for unit records 

Q: When will Internet Rechartering be released with these enhancements?
A: The Updated Internet Rechartering is now in use

Q: If our units expire on December 31, 2018 (or after) what membership registration fee will be calculated for the adult and youth registrants.
A: The BSA Registration Fee of $33 will be in effect December 1 and thereafter will be used for the calculation of membership registration fee for adult and youth registrants. A Insurace fee of $6 will also be applied for all adults and youth.

Q: Where may we submit questions?
A: Please submit questions to Leatherstocking Council at or by phone at 315-735-4437 *225


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